Acupuncture and Holistic therapies to enhance your health.

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What can acupuncture treat ? More than you think...

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Safe effective treatment for Aches and Pain.

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Hi, my name is Richard Beattie and I am an acupuncturist in Sippy Downs with a focus on alternative health modalities. My mission is to relieve what is ailing you in your body, mind, spirit, family, life and work and give some guidance and insights about your life and body using acupuncture and various holistic healing techniques.

I offer you a space to relax and let go away from the pressures of modern life. To assist you clear, release, balance, restore & rejuvenate I also provide extended healing sessions to work on key emotional issues currently presenting in your life. Please go to the Services Tab to read more about these sessions .

Whether you just want to alleviate your aches, pains and injuries, improve your quality of life or to enhance your performance on the sports feild contact me today to see how I can help.


Aches Pain and Injuries

Studies suggest acupuncture can increase the body’s circulation, range of motion and accelerate healing time due to its ability to balance the neurological and cardiovascular systems.

It also assists in maintaining functional and structural alignment, reducing the risk of further injury, and increasing strength and endurance.

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Relax, Rewind Reset

Acupuncture seeks to balance the internal energies of the body which may be disrupted through both internal and external factors. Internal factors may include: stress, injury, and emotions. Emotions can create and alter physiological responses which include an increase in heart rate, muscle coordination and timing, respiration rate, and muscle tension and fatigue. Acupuncture relaxes and calms the mind and body.

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Relieve Illness Live Life

Although acupuncture is used very effectively to treat acute and chronic injuries and pain it is a far more wide ranging system of treatment. In fact many people are surprised to find that not only is their initial complaint relived but they start to see changes and improvement in many other areas of their lives.

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" A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Lao Tzu, Chinese Poet & Philosopher


About Richard

I have been a resident of the Sunshine Coast for over 35 years. I had my my first acupuncture treatment in the early 1980’s as a 12 year old.

Since then acupuncture has been part of my health regime for both sporting injuries and health maintenance. I enjoy all sports and have been involved in many sports and clubs on the Sunshine Coast. My focus is now on assisting others achieve better physical, emotional and spiritual health. I use acupuncture to assist in treatment of chronic and acute conditions and in preventing illness by maintaining normal energy flows throughout the body.

I regard myself fortunate along with many other acupuncturists to have studied under the world famous Dr Tan to learn his Balance Method and Robert Doane's Distal Needling Acupuncture (DNA). I now use Distal Needling Acupuncture almost exclusively. I have elected to pursue these methods due to the results that can be achieved and their very broad application to many and varied conditions.

The Balance Method and DNA Application.

  • Involves never needling the injured or painful area
  • Uses distal points on the body (mainly Limbs) which means most sessions you remain fully clothed.
  • Can achieve instant results. Pain can be relieve in seconds to minutes after insertion of a needle .


  • Adv Dip of Acupuncture and Oriental Therapies
  • Health rebates with most health funds
  • Fully accredited and registered with Chinese Medicine Board of Australia AHPRA.
  • Member of ANTA
  • Claims available through WorkCover QLD

I maintain my own health and life force (qi) via yoga, Weight training and cycling and as much laughter and joy as I can create.