My Services

My mission is to relieve what is ailing you in your body, mind, spirit, family, life and work and give some guidance and insights about your life and body using acupuncture and various holistic healing techniques.

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For your general health and well-being improvement the following services are available.


Remedial Therapies


Moxibustion / Heat Lamp

Intuitive Healing practices

Extended Healing Sessions

I also offer extended healing sessions to work on key issues that are currently presenting in your life. These sessions utilise a variety of intuitive healing skills including crystal healing, pranic healing, BodyTalk, the use of Tibetan singing bowls and sound to assist you to clear emotional or energetic blocks to create balance, peace and flow.

The father of Western medicine Hippocrates taught that good health depends on a balance of mind, body, and environment.

I am a firm believer in your mind creating your existence. How we think and feel reflects in how we act or for some react. Our thoughts can then offer an insight into how we carry ourselves, the ailments that occur to our physical bodies and the physical, emotional and mental environments we place ourselves in. Each aspect affecting the other.

I view my role as helping you help yourself.

My goal is to provide a healing space for you that is safe, comfortable and uplifting. Within this space we can work together to ease aches, pain or injuries, restore energy flows and examine any emotional blocks that may be impacting your life. You are then able to increase your awareness of your body, your thoughts, and your emotions to make better choices. Thus raising your vibration, improving your overall well being and positively affecting your friends, family and the people around you.

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General Conditions Treated with Acupuncture

Aches and pains






Poor energy/Fatigue

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All treatments are tailored to suit you and your needs. Your comfort and privacy are well catered for. Treatments take place with soft lighting and music to help you relax and allow your body to heal itself.